torsdag 16 maj 2013

Ninja Polish - Pacific Coral

I am an acknowledged Enigma freak and I have a soft spot for corals, so this shade was the first one to catch my eye when I saw the four, new Engimas being released. As usual though, I discover that coral really isn't a color that looks that good on me. This shade, in itself, is adorable and I love looking at it. I just don't think it suits me that well. Maybe later in summer, when I'm more tan? I'll try it in August and say what I think then!

The shimmer is more subtle here than in the other Enigmas, but it ranges fron golden to green and turquoise and even icey blue in some instances. All in all, this must be the prettiest coral out there!

This is my entry for Emma's pink Thursday:)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jag tycker absolut att du passar i den här färgen. Supersnyggt skimmer dessutom.

  2. Riktigt snyggt, guldskimret gör mycket här:)

  3. Tack:) Ja, jag tänkte testa det igen senare i sommar när jag fått lite mer färg... Hoppas jag gillar det mer på mig då!