tisdag 25 december 2012

The closet.

I'm into nail polish. Also, I'm kind of neurotic about the whole growing older thing. I look good now. But I can see where it's heading. Apparently, youth, was not part of my personality. It was fleeting.

However, I'm in the closet about these things. Especially about the polish thing. The hours I can spend surfing the web looking at swatches after the kids have gone to bed, the money I spend on nail polish, well, most people I know would think I've lost it.

So, I need an outlet. And since I'm used to blogging in my job - this is it. If you figure out who I am  - don't tell anyone. Seriously. Don't.

Oh! And there will be books too. They provide the intellectual highground for the silly nonsense going on here.
Chuck Palahniuk's Damned. Here seen with
Swedish make-up brand Isadora's Beetle Green.