söndag 30 juni 2013

Kiko 336 & Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier

This was my Midsummer mani. Two coats of the spectacularly blue Kiko 336, and then one coat of one of the most beautiful polishes ever created: Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier:) It was a bit too creamy purple for my taste. Nonetheless - I could not stop looking at it, as is always the case when I'm wearing one of the Enigmas!

söndag 16 juni 2013

OPI - Oktoberfest Afterparty

I loved the Germany collection from OPI, and my two absolute favorites from that collection is Germani-cure and Every Month is Oktoberfest. However - every time I've used the later, I have been slightly disappointed because the color in the bottle doesn't translate to the nail. The shimmer is hardly visible and it dulls quickly.

So. Over the last few months, I have added a little bit of this and a little bit of that to Oktoberfest and, today, I finally tried it out. I turns out that I now have a dark, deep purple with hot, warm pink shimmer that is visible on the nail and the vampy wow-factor is fantastic. I'm very pleased with myself!! What I added? A dollop of white, a dollop of shimmer deep red (I think) and half a bottle of a Depend warm shimmer purple.

Still great pigmentation and application. Two coats is more than enough for perfect coverage!

fredag 7 juni 2013

Elevation Polish - Muztagh Ata

I'd had my eyes on this one for quite a while and finally ordered it from the Elevation Polish webpage. Two glorious coats. One coat of Poshé. It. Is So. Pretty. Denim blue with subtle holographic shimmer. The rainbows are shy, but this is not a polish you wear because of the rainbows. You wear it because it looks so damn suaaaave. And! To top it all off, I saw that it was now sold out in the shop, and thereby I also get the satisfaction of feeling like a lucky-ass lady! It's all good.

Second and last picture is most true to real life by the way!

This is my contribution to Skimmerskuggan's Holo Friday!

onsdag 5 juni 2013

Zoya - Ivanka

This is green extravaganza galore, ladies and gentlemen! Three easy peasy coats of Ivanka and one of Poshé and I dazzled, glimmered and shone here, there and everywhere!

Also - I did read lately! I just forgot to post the litpic with Lizard Belly, so here it comes. I didn't finish this book yet, but it it's pretty clear that the whole point of The Liar's Gospel by Naomi Alderman is to write the story of Jesus and make it pretty damn clear that he wasn't ALL THAT! Written by a Jewish author. Hope people weren't upset and thank goodness I'm an atheist (who went to Sunday school and knows her Christian tales)! Good read! So, if you aren't religiously sensitive - by all means, read it!

And! This is my (late) contribution to Karin's Green Wednesday:)

söndag 2 juni 2013

Elevation Polish - Toubkal

Elevation Polish is an indie brand I first came across at Pointless Café, one of my favourite nail blogs. I had several of the polishes on my wish list for months before I realized I could just buy them from the Elevation Polish web page because they ship worldwide. They are full size bottles and they only cost $8.50, which I think is a very reasonable price for an indie. And - they arrived within the week:)

Toubkal is described as a "darkened red purple with gold, red, pink large irregularly shaped shimmer." When I admired the polish after finishing my manicure, I realized that this was actually what I expected Picture Polish Voodoo to look like (it didn't, to my disappointment, I found Voodoo looked kind of flat on the nails). Too me, I'd say the shimmer looks like glass flecks, but what do I know! Also, the color sometimes leans toward brown. Really, really beautiful!

I used three coats, but I think two would have been enough. Poshé on top. The brush was okay, kind of soft but reasonable to work with. I still switched to my trusted OPI stand-in-brush for the last coat to make sure it was perfect!

lördag 1 juni 2013

Cirque - Curiosity

I have a thing for bright reds with golden shimmer or glassflecks. It's become obvious to me that I keep buying the same shade. And almost every time I put on a new one, I look down at my nails, with a hint of disappointment, and ask myself: "was this it?"

Therefore, I was kind of wary when I noticed that I, yet again, had bought a red'n gold. This time, Curiosity by Cirque - the indie brand with the coolest looking bottles in the game! But this was actually pretty cool. An extra touch of... something that I can't quite put my finger on. In any case, this is three coats, but two would probably have done the job. And Poshé of course.