söndag 16 juni 2013

OPI - Oktoberfest Afterparty

I loved the Germany collection from OPI, and my two absolute favorites from that collection is Germani-cure and Every Month is Oktoberfest. However - every time I've used the later, I have been slightly disappointed because the color in the bottle doesn't translate to the nail. The shimmer is hardly visible and it dulls quickly.

So. Over the last few months, I have added a little bit of this and a little bit of that to Oktoberfest and, today, I finally tried it out. I turns out that I now have a dark, deep purple with hot, warm pink shimmer that is visible on the nail and the vampy wow-factor is fantastic. I'm very pleased with myself!! What I added? A dollop of white, a dollop of shimmer deep red (I think) and half a bottle of a Depend warm shimmer purple.

Still great pigmentation and application. Two coats is more than enough for perfect coverage!

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