onsdag 5 juni 2013

Zoya - Ivanka

This is green extravaganza galore, ladies and gentlemen! Three easy peasy coats of Ivanka and one of Poshé and I dazzled, glimmered and shone here, there and everywhere!

Also - I did read lately! I just forgot to post the litpic with Lizard Belly, so here it comes. I didn't finish this book yet, but it it's pretty clear that the whole point of The Liar's Gospel by Naomi Alderman is to write the story of Jesus and make it pretty damn clear that he wasn't ALL THAT! Written by a Jewish author. Hope people weren't upset and thank goodness I'm an atheist (who went to Sunday school and knows her Christian tales)! Good read! So, if you aren't religiously sensitive - by all means, read it!

And! This is my (late) contribution to Karin's Green Wednesday:)

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