onsdag 11 september 2013

La Bella Vernice - London

I tried my second polish from La Bella Vernice - London! When I saw it in pictures, I got the idea that it would be a bit ruddy and have a burnt quality to the color, but it turned out to be pink! I'm not usually a lover of pink but this was so crispy fresh that even I loved it. Had I been a pink-lover, I'm assuming I would have been hospitalized for adoreitis (plese laugh just a little?) Scattered holo I think it's called anyway, with all those beautiful holographic microglitters dancing around in the sun. Three very easy coats with an obediant, your-wish-is-my-command-kind-of-formula.

Head over to bellavernice.com to check out the goodies!

söndag 1 september 2013

La Bella Vernice - Ariel

I belong to a fabulous gift ("gift" means nail polish) swap group - Lacquered for Love - on Facebook, and when it turned out that one of our members was an incredibly talented indie polish creator in the making, I jumped on the chance to try a few of her polishes out and show it around. I specifically asked for Ariel, which I had seen swatched, and I was not disappointed!

For those (a handful) of you who have read my blog before, you know that I'm not too sure about the terminology, although I am improving. So either this is a course shimmer or a fine glitter in some kind of dark jelly base. And! It has a very clear and obvious shift from turquoise to blue/purple. It can be worn on its own or layered. I chose the latter and used one careful coat of OPI Ski Teal You Drop and one coat of Ariel on top, which was more than enough for a stunning effect! It glided (glid?) on, smooth as can be and I topped it of with Poshé. Also, it was super easy to remove, even with my sensitive, environmentally friendly remover (Green Depend).

This is a very versatile lacquer and I recommend it to all:) Go check Ariel and her friends out at La Bella Vernice!