söndag 6 januari 2013

Gina Tricot - Powder Puff

I don't usually go for lighter shades, but I've been in the market for a polish to wear when I want a quick manicure that looks fresh for long (the tip wear doesn't really show with nude colors:)). This one was cheap and had a bit of a shimmer in it. The shade also turned out to be neither too pink nor too beige. It went on a bit streaky though and didn't quite level out fully. Still - I liked it okay. Below, you'll see it in one-four coats. Personally I prefer two. To make the shade fully opaque, I think you'll need four-five coats even, and besides, with nude shades, I don't mind a visible nail line.

Gina Tricot - Powder Puff - two coats

Gina Tricot - Powder Puff: one coat

Gina Tricot - Powder Puff: four, three and two coats

fredag 4 januari 2013

SpaRitual - Lithophonic

This is a polish that looks steely grey shimmer at first sight, but the grey turns out to be a warm one, and even looks a bit brownish at times, and in some lights - green! The brush is round and short and easy to use (even for me, who is soooold on flat brushes). The formula covered in two coats, but was a tad thick I thought.

It goes well with the iPad I think, on which I'm currently reading Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel (the sequel to Wolf Hall). Both novels are Booker Prize Winners and center on the life of Thomas Cromwell, one of Henry XII's ministers. The sequel seems to actually outshine the first book in the trilogy! No mean feat!

SpaRitual - Lithophonic

A box full of polish!

I don't know why, but when (secretly) scouring the web for swatches of cool polishes, I am constantly drawn to the brands or colors that are hard to get! For me, living in Sweden, this meant pining at the Sephora store before Christmas. They don't ship here:( But! Never underestimate the wily smarts of a closet polish freak. I quickly wrote a message to my relative (it's been years since we last spoke) living in the States and asked if I could use his address for shipping. I offered Swedish gingersnaps as a bribe. Kind-hearted that he is (maybe he could sense my desperation?) he agreed, and the BOX has now reached me! This is what I got:

SpaRitual: Hypnotic, Can You Dig It?, Dreamsicle and Epicurean
Sephora by OPI: I Think I Cayenne, I'm Wired, I'm With Brad
Plus another SpaRitual that I'm writing about tomorrow. I was disappointed in the Sephora polishes because I was hoping they had the OPI Pro-wide brush. They didn't. They have a long, thin, unwieldy kind of brush that I won't use. In fact, I will switch to an OPI cap on the colors that I really like.

torsdag 3 januari 2013

OPI - Danke-Shiny Red

This polish is not really Danke-Shiny Red anymore, because I poured a large glob of black in it. So maybe Danke-Shiny Wine? Anyway. Still a great formula and a wonderful brush from OPI. I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline while wearing this polish and both were GOOD, I assure you. Get the book - and the polish. The latter is great in its original color as well, and the truth is, I kind of want both!
In daylight.

Lamp light. Evening time.
Danke-Shiny Red without the black in it. The image
is from nailtastic.blogspot.com. Great nail blog!