fredag 4 januari 2013

A box full of polish!

I don't know why, but when (secretly) scouring the web for swatches of cool polishes, I am constantly drawn to the brands or colors that are hard to get! For me, living in Sweden, this meant pining at the Sephora store before Christmas. They don't ship here:( But! Never underestimate the wily smarts of a closet polish freak. I quickly wrote a message to my relative (it's been years since we last spoke) living in the States and asked if I could use his address for shipping. I offered Swedish gingersnaps as a bribe. Kind-hearted that he is (maybe he could sense my desperation?) he agreed, and the BOX has now reached me! This is what I got:

SpaRitual: Hypnotic, Can You Dig It?, Dreamsicle and Epicurean
Sephora by OPI: I Think I Cayenne, I'm Wired, I'm With Brad
Plus another SpaRitual that I'm writing about tomorrow. I was disappointed in the Sephora polishes because I was hoping they had the OPI Pro-wide brush. They didn't. They have a long, thin, unwieldy kind of brush that I won't use. In fact, I will switch to an OPI cap on the colors that I really like.

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