söndag 2 juni 2013

Elevation Polish - Toubkal

Elevation Polish is an indie brand I first came across at Pointless Café, one of my favourite nail blogs. I had several of the polishes on my wish list for months before I realized I could just buy them from the Elevation Polish web page because they ship worldwide. They are full size bottles and they only cost $8.50, which I think is a very reasonable price for an indie. And - they arrived within the week:)

Toubkal is described as a "darkened red purple with gold, red, pink large irregularly shaped shimmer." When I admired the polish after finishing my manicure, I realized that this was actually what I expected Picture Polish Voodoo to look like (it didn't, to my disappointment, I found Voodoo looked kind of flat on the nails). Too me, I'd say the shimmer looks like glass flecks, but what do I know! Also, the color sometimes leans toward brown. Really, really beautiful!

I used three coats, but I think two would have been enough. Poshé on top. The brush was okay, kind of soft but reasonable to work with. I still switched to my trusted OPI stand-in-brush for the last coat to make sure it was perfect!

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