söndag 16 februari 2014

Love Thy Polish - Synthesize

One of my most pleasurable holo experiences ever, was had with Green Eyed Monster from Love Thy Polish. And now - I've had another one! Emma, the owner of Love Thy Polish, is a true holo artist, and when she looked for swatchers through Instagram for her new core holos, I jumped at the chance and offered my services. With a scant 224 followers on IG though (@bookpolish), I never thought she'd pick me - BUT SHE DID (I'm doing a little dance here:))

So without much further ado - I present to you: SYNTHESIZE! A unique, deep periwinkle purple with a magnificent linear holo. Perfect formula and brush!

Should you find yourself suddenly hankering for this polish, I have good news: it was released this very weekend and you can head right on over to Love Thy Polish and get one. If you're too late, you will probably be able to find it on Norway Nails, who also carries this brand:)

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