lördag 6 april 2013

Fnug - Like Lolita

I grabbed this color at a sale. I've never been able to bring myself to pay the preposterous sums asked for Fnugs in Sweden, but 50 SEK? I grabbed four and after trying this shade, I'm going back to scrape the bottom of the barrel!

I was gaping when spreading it over the nail and the expression "it spread like butter" suddenly made sense. It was - dare I say it - better even than my best OPIs. I did three coats. There is still a faint nail line visible and I think this formula is what people call a jelly. It should be said though that the Fnug-brush is the teeniest thing ever. I can hardly see it, miuch less use it. I used an OPI brush to put it on. Best of two worlds! Super shiny and long-lasting too!

The book is a sci-fi good enough to gobble up in one sitting. Everyone I've lent it to has loved it. I may even have shown it in another of my posts? Oh well, you'll survive, I think.

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