onsdag 3 april 2013

OPI - Anti-Bleak

The OPI Mariah Carey collection is a bit over the hill now, I know, and Anti-Bleak certainly didn't make a splash. Bloggers have continually said that the shade is unoriginal but they have also agreed that the formula is flawless. The formula IS flawless. In fact, it's almost a one-coater, but two coats make for perfect coverage. It spreads like butter and levels itself out perfectly. And the shade? Well, I only have a bit more than 50 polishes, and this is a beautiful warm, dark purple creme. So if you, like me, don't have anything like it before, this is the perfect choice!

The book Ladies makes for easy reading just now - English ladies! Excentric, peculiar and with extraordinary lives. Also, if you don't want to finish the whole thing, you can just pick and choose among the chapters:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag älskar Anti-Bleak, så snygg! Och om man tar Pink Yet Lavender över, wow!

  2. Jag kan tänka mig det:) Och jag är väldigt förtjust i det, jag med!