söndag 21 april 2013

Nordic Cap - Yellow?

The question  mark? Well, I've given this one away so can't check the name, but could it be anything else?!

This one was a request from my son. It was bright. I even gave up on my most sacred principle and did four coats of this sucker, and there was still some VNL. The little guy thought I looked really great though! So. It's sheer. It's yellow, but, it's about 10 kr at my local grocery store. Also, tip wear won't show when you wear light shades so at least I didn't have to wrap the tips:)

The book is by Barabara Kingsolver (LOVE her!) and it's about how she and her family lived for a year on only things they could grow themselves. Sounds boring? It's not - wait till you get to the chapter about tomatoes!! PS. This book might give you a bad conscience as well as a longing for the great outdoors.

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