tisdag 2 april 2013

Nubar - Vino

This is a favorite, that I keep coming back to! In fact, I like it so much, I gave it a new home in a L'Oréal bottle (with a flat brush) since I didn't like Nubar's brush. Vino needs sunlight to really make an impression, though. Kind of like some people need a stiff drink, and then they're just the life of the party. Vino is like that.

It's dark red (leaning towards blue on the color wheel) but with a tinge of coppery brown, and lots of shimmer. Now, I'm sorry, but I can't for the life of me detect the subtle color shiftings in the shimmer itself like some people seem able to do. Red? Coppers? Are they glassflecks even? I really can't tell for sure. Anywho - it's gorgeous, and I love it!

Btw, Wool is a really cool sci-fi novel (or, really, I think it's a collection of five novellas that have been put together). It's set hundreds of years into the future, and the air is so toxic, that the only people left, live in a big silo sunk into the ground. The world outside is so taboo, that people who talk about it are sent outside as an ultimate punishment. Naturally, things turn sour and questions are raised...

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  1. Väldigt fint, ett lack helt i min smak!

  2. Ett av mina första inköp faktiskt och jag återkommer alltid till det!