måndag 20 maj 2013

Kiko - 345 Jade Green (but it's really blue!)

Hello! This is blue! Isn't it? I will use it as my entry on Linda's Blue Monday and then we'll see what people have to say on the matter. The shade's name isn't on the bottle (except the number) so imagine my surprise when I looked it up and found it. I will call this Jade Blue. Blue.

Anyway - a sweet faded color. I used two coats and they were quite thick as was the formula. I have already thinned it out in preparation for the next time I use it. It has a flat brush, that is very OPI-like. Very, very good! Plus, it dries quickly and gives my hand that wonderful, pinkish fish-mongering-wife-look that we are all dying to get. I paraded my shit around. Fish-monger-ladies are cooel!

And fish-mongerers' wives don't read books.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Man kan ju undra hur länge jag ska gräma mig över att jag bara gick förbi KIKO-butiken när jag var i Berlin sist. De verkar ju ha en massa fina lack, det här inräknat.

  2. Usch, ja, sånt kan man ju tänka å länge efteråt, men en av tjejerna i Lacka-Byt är ju i Portugal och har erbjudit sig att ta med hem till oss. anske kan det vara något:)?