tisdag 7 maj 2013

Ninja Polish - 100% Columbian

I love Ninja Polish' Enigma collection. Love, love, love. This one was the first one I tried when the package arrived in my mail box (just a week after I placed the order). Basically, I couldn't decide which one to try first and in the end, my husband got to make the choice. He's conservative polish-wise so this vampy one was the one he went for.

Application was so-so. You have to work fast or it leaves bald patches and the formula went kind of sticky och gluey after a while. This is three coats, but the third coat was just necessary to cover up some bald patches and the sides of my nails which curve quite a lot.

The green shimmer is very visible in real life, but I my camera wouldn't quite catch it. Gorgeous, sexy color!

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