fredag 17 maj 2013

Literary Lacquers - If It Pleases You

This is my first ever holo and I'm pretty damn pleased! If It Pleases You by Literary Lacquers is a dark purple but when the rainbows hit, it gives the impression of being a bit brownish as well. Of course, I have nothing to compare this to but the rainbows are very obvious in the sunlight and when I showed people (okay, I forced them to look) they ooohhhed and aaahhhed.

I used my regular base coat, Trind Nail Repair and then three coats of this, topped with a coat of Poshé. I didn't see any difference before and after Poshé and the polish was easy to apply.

Maybe, by now, you are asking: "What about the books? Weren't there supposed to be books here too??" Well, I've been lazy and I've been spending all my money on polishes. This has been an amaaazing polish month for me. Next month, I have taken a solemn vow to buy books instead of polish, so let's hope it gets better.

Here comes the spam, and this is my first ever entry for Skimmerskuggans Holo Friday! Yaaay!!!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Absolut ett bra holo att börja med. Urtjusigt!

  2. Tack:) Och jag har inte kunnat hålla mig utan har redan lackat om med nästa holo:D