måndag 13 maj 2013

Ninja Polish - Mystic Glacier

Well. Am I ever in love. It's Ninja Polish again. This time, it's Mystic Glacier, the blue one I almost didn't buy because I'm not a big fan of blue. Of course, it's out of stock now and I am so pleased my instinct as a consumer kicked in and I just clicked on eevrythign in this collection when it came out. Here, I have layered it over OPI Ski Teal We Drop.  was in a hurry and was worried I had to deal with VNL if I tried it on its own. This is two easy coats on top of one OPI, and Poshé on top of that. Words cannot describe the shimmer, which reminds me of holo-polishes. It ranges from a blue grey with pink shimmer to a vivid turquoise green with golden shimmer. I'll just show you the pics!

I also think this will show an entirely new side if I layer it over vivid blue or red for instance. Then again, next time, I think I'll try it on its own:)

This is my entry for Nailoramas Blue Monday. It's blue sometimes:)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Aah! Helt fantastiskt snyggt. Lite synd att jag har köptstopp... :(

  2. Ja, det ska bli fantastiskt kul att testa det ovanpå andra färger:)

  3. Riktigt läckra färgskiftningar!

    1. Ja visst är det! Och alla möjliga oväntade:)