måndag 1 juli 2013

Purple Fire (franken) & Nfu Oh 51

One of my polish pals, Emma, made me a fabulous purple polish for a swap we did and I used it both on its own and as undies for Nfu Oh flakie. The first pictures are of Emma's franken on its own. It's more purple in real life and it has teeny tiny pink and blue glitters. Gorgeous color!

Putting Nfu Oh on it only hightened the purplicious experience. One coat was enough. Try to avoid getting any flakes on the skin though cause they're a real pain to gett off!

And lsat but not least! A novel! By my old time favourite John Irving. This one is about the sexual awakening of a bi-sexual young man (he likes older women with smallish boobs, and men in general). If you like Irving's usual set-ups, this one won't disappoint. I think it was a bit watered down though. I'm three quarters though and no one's peed themselves yet! I still have hopes though...

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  1. Riktigt vackert lack, både för sig själv och tillsammans med nfu oh!