fredag 12 juli 2013

A England - Sleeping Palace

I must say I admire my own lightening-fast-speed as I hovered over the clicker at Llarowe during the one-hour-window when I knew a England's latest collection would go live. This one, apart from maybe Briarwood which was released later, was the only one I wanted, and I got it! Why is it such a rush to see a collection released and, knowing it will disappear soon (how fast, within the hour?), get what you want? Perversion! Such a pretty perversion.

This is a one-coater, easy-peasily spread. Like many holos, I thought it looked kind of dull in the shade, but when the sun came out, the rainbows were linear and of the prettiest kind!

This is my contribution to holo Friday at Skimmerskuggan's

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