söndag 14 juli 2013

Nail Art - gradient

This week I paired up Orly's Mayhem Mentality with Zoya's Amy for a punchy-looking gradient. I had a mani to scare little children and blind the elderly! It was a bit of a hazzle though since I first tried to layer Model's Own Red Sea over MM and even Nfu Oh's 5?. That wasn't quite the success I had hoped for and I had to remove the polish on two nails, and to save time I started handling duct tape for the other soon-to-be-sponged nails, and well... Duct tape and wet nail polish isn't really a match made in heaven, is it?

Since my own pictures turned out to be so fabulously crappy color-wise, I'm relying on a belief that you guys really actually know what Mayhem Mentality looks like in real life (i.e. nothing like my pics) and for those of you who don't, I have borrowed an image from someone who is better than me at photographing neons - my second cousin Linda of Nailorama!

This is my entry for Nail Art Sunday at LeLack's

The novel I'm showing is Anne Rice' Witching Hour - she was way ahead of the game in the 80s and 90s when she wrote about the supernatural, vampires, witches, and various creatures of the unknown. Weird, wild stuff:)

My botched attempt at layering - The Model's Own gave whopping wonderful  jelly sheen, but was impossible to apply:( Clumpy and gummy.

The best image I could find of Mayhem Mentality (courtesy of Lindas Nailorama)

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