måndag 8 juli 2013

Lacquer Lust - Pow Chicka Wow Wow

When I first saw this, I knew I had to have it, and I actually made a single order for just this polish from Shoppe Eclecticco (Singapore-based). In the pictures I saw, it seemed as if this baby was packing a humdinger of a holo-punch. Sadly, it didn't. Also, when I showed it off in my Facebook-group of choice (Lacka-Byt), I found out that it was quite sheer, and could use up to four coats if I didn't want any VNL. This could have been where I lost the holo magic, cause I gave it undies in the form of OPI - Yoga-ta Get This Blue. On top of that, I used two coats of PCWW. So - maybe that's where I went wrong... I don't know

 I just started reading the McEwan. It's supposed to be a spy story, but it hasn't come that far along in the story yet. It has that distinct McEwan feel to it though, so if you like his novels, which I do, you'll probably like this one too. I'll get back to it, once I'm further along!

PS. This is my entry for Linda's Blue Monday!

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