onsdag 13 mars 2013

Cult Nails - Flushed

Like I said, I'm lazy. Since the two last Cult Nails polishes I tried were kind of sheer and I didn't want to risk another three-coat-episode - I took a short cut and used OPIs Anti-Bleak as under wear for Flushed. It worked GREAT! Ironically, Flushed actually didn't seem as sheer as the other two! Both coats were a joy to put on and both polishes levelled out really nicely at application.

What I quickly discovered though is that Flushed is a shade made for summer. The shy March sun we're having here does not do it justice, when it pleases to show itself at all, that is. On a hot summer night though, with a sly, lingering Nordic sun, this shade will be a flirty, dirty stunner.

I also filed ny squares down to ovals. Kind of a risk to take, but so far, I'm pretty okay with the results. It's also quite nice not to worry about cutting my kids bloody or slashing though my cornea when taking my contacts out.

One coat of Anti-bleak in the sun
One coat of Anti-bleak in plain daylight
Flushed in the sunlight - this image does not do the shimmer justice!

Flushed in plain daylight.
The amazing Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, looking perfect with Flushed!

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