torsdag 28 mars 2013

Fnug - A Lister

This is a soft, creamy pink apricot - a lot more subdued than it appears in my pictures. This is three coats and I can still see some nail line, but I don't apply more on principle! The brush was the teeniest, tiniest one I've had the (doubtful) pleasure of meeting yet. For my thumb nails, I had to do a double-dip!

PS. Jonas Hassen Khemiri is the only Swedish author today who can seriously compete internationally. He is pure genious. And he's MY friend on Facebook. Seriously, we're practically engaged. Not really though. Or at all. In fact, I suspect he has a whole other Facebook identity where he says super smart things to his real friends. And his girlfriend. I'll survive. I have all his novels, after all:)

This is my entry for Pink Thursday at Emma's:)

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