måndag 11 mars 2013

OPI - Yodel Me on My Cell

I've tried to like blues - really - I have! They look so pretty in the bottle and I'm not the type to give up. In the end, though, I always think my hands look kind of corpsy. At the moment, I've given blues a rest and am trying greens to see if that's the way to go.

Yodel Me on My Cell was an impulse purchase, and I got it in a regular store for an obscene amount of money. It was surprisingly sheer for an OPI and this is three coats if I remember correctly. For me - three coats are almost a deal-breaker - especially if I get a corpsy look, which I think I did this time too, unfortunately. In any case, I wanted to join in and be part of Blue Monday at Lindas Nailorama, and this was the only blue I had:)

The novel, On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, on the other hand is really good. There's no one like McEwan to tug at everything inside you. We meet a couple on their wedding night. It's the 60s. The young man has been dying to finally make love to the girl he loves, and the girl... well, she would much prefer to not have sex at all. Ever. Short and painful.

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  1. Väldigt snyggt! Ibland är det svårt med blått, men de är oftast sååå fina :)

    1. Nästa jag har spanat in mig på är Pshiiit!!