måndag 18 mars 2013

KleanColor - Pastel Teal

This is my contribution to Lindas Blue Monday:)

Having only ever used the Chunky Holos from KleanColor before, I was expecting their wonky, bushy little brush and a chemical stink that brings the word brain damage to mind, but instead - a flat brush appeared, and the smell was absolutely bearable. The bristles on the brush were a bit too soft though and it kind of bent to the right. But still! Unfortunately, it took forever to dry, and the formula was too thick and not very easy to handle. On the other hand, it was almost opaque in one coat.

Anyway, I'm quite conservative when it comes to color choice, and when I saw this shade on my nails, I thought it looked neon, although I'm sure to most nailers, it just looks like a regular pastel. Since I heard about a snowstorm coming our way though, I'll give it the finger with this shade that screams of SPRINGTIME!!! Fuck off, winter - you are NOT welcome here!!!!

And if you want an insightful book on the whole copyright-debate, Remix by Lawrence Lessig is the one to go for. Interesting, relevant and focused on finding legal solutions that are geared for our time (and the future) instead of the past.

In daylight

In sunlight

Really good book!

In daylight

In shadow

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det här var ju jättefint! Det får nog införskaffas nästa gång jag ska handla KleanColor :D

  2. Ja, den är härlig på nåt vis:)