lördag 30 mars 2013

L'Oréal Color Riche (mostly) - Burgundy Diva

Well, this polish actually has a history. Pause.

When I still pretended that I wasn't totally hooked on polish, I gave a bunch of polishes away to a dear friend. Fifteen. At least. Anyway, the true test of friendship is when you start asking to have your gifts returned to you, and your friend complies with a smile on her lips. I asked for them one by one. Yesterday, she asked: "Why don't I just bring them all?" Why indeed. Anyway, Burgundy Diva came home to mama again.

Reason I gave her away was that I thought this dark red didn't quite work on the nail, only in the bottle. So, first thing I did was give it some shine was put a bit of silver in it (Nails Inc. Cambridge Terrace). Turns out it wasn't dark red like I thought, but more purple/pinkish. Not my fave colors.

So, this won't last. And because I really like the flat, rounded brushes that come with the L'Oréal Color Riche polishes second only to OPI's ProWides), Burgundy Diva will probably have to make room for Contrary Polish' Anna Maria, who deserves better digs.

No book today, I told my own  sweet story, didn't I?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag gillade det här. Inte en unik färg på något sätt men ändå väldigt fin.

  2. Tack:) Ja, det har något visst. Jag funderar på alla hälla lite svart i det innan jag ger upp för att se om jag gillar det bättre då!